How did you come up with these recipes?

We did lots of research--scouring blogs and books about natural remedies. We read up on the benefits of essential oils, and of course, we tested, tested, tested them until they were just right.

Do they work?

None of these recipes have been clinically tested or proven, but we had several product testers who had positive results.

Will these recipes cause an allergic reaction?

Perhaps. Every person is different. All ingredients used are natural, but natural doesn't mean allergen-free. It's a good idea to spot-test recipes before use on face or entire body. (A good test spot is on the underside of your wrist).

Where can I find the ingredients I need?

Most of the ingredients can be found at your local grocery store. For the essential oils, beeswax, or other harder to find ingredients, look at a natural food store, drug store/pharmacy, or even your local farmer's market. Ingredients are also readily available online.

Do I have to follow the recipes exactly?

Of course not. We did formulate these recipes to fit perfectly in our 50 mL Magic Jars, so if you want a bigger batch, just keep the proportion the same.

Essential oils have different healing properties (and fragrances), so do a little research to find which ones you like best.

*Please note that essential oils are powerful and usually only a few drops are needed. Do not over do it!