A Little History

While on a trip through Germany, Lisa and her husband, Rob, came upon several local shops specializing in customizable health and beauty products. A pharmacist by trade, Lisa fell in love with the idea of bringing natural, do-it-yourself remedies into the homes of everyday people...the idea that anyone could play pharmacist in their own kitchen...and thus, Beauty Cook was born.


Key Features

•  Natural wellness

•  Accessible & affordable ingredients

•  Family friendly

•  Magic Jars

•  Lovely Illustrations

•  Creative & Customizable


Meet the Team

Lisa Standridge, author

Lisa is a mother of two and an all-around go-getter. The creator of Beauty Cook, Lisa enjoys helping people get creative and be a pharmacist in their own kitchen!

Tara Forth, illustrator

Tara  Forth is a lover of travel, music, working out, anything artsy, and really good coffee. Her favorite recipe from Beauty Cook is the peppermint foot scrub because it smells so yummy!

Jennifer Jenkins, sales & marketing

Jennifer Jenkins is a fun loving and active person.  She enjoys playing outside with her two labs and working out.  Her favorite Beauty Cook recipe is the Muscle Soother, because after a long workout it helps her muscles recover and feel
better from being sore.

Mike Abbott, operations

 Mike Abbott is an enthusiastic and fun loving person.  He enjoys wrestling with his four pugs and playing disc golf.  His favorite Beauty Cook recipe is Princess Pout Lip Exfoliator because even guys deserve silky smooth lips!